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Tableau Toolbar

All Tableau dashboards share the same toolbar at the bottom of the view. Note that while most dashboards will have the same selections, some items may differ based on user permissions.

Undo, Redo, Revert, Refresh and Pause

These selections are found on the left side of the Tableau toolbar and can be used to help navigate the dashboard.

Undo will remove the last selection made, if you have used undo to remove a selection, you can then use redo to return to that selection. Revert returns the dashboard to its original view. Refresh will reload the data on the dashboard subject to any selections made. Pause will stop the dashboard from refreshing as you make selections.

As an example, if you want to make a set of complete selections in a dashboard’s filters, you could use these buttons to speed up the process. Normally, every time a change is made, the dashboard will refresh. If you select “Pause” however, the dashboard will remain the same no matter how many selections you make. Once you have made all your selections, you can select “Refresh” to reload the dashboard based on those selections.

Subscribe, Custom Views, Edit, Share, and Download

These selections are found on the right side of the Tableau toolbar and can be used to interact with the dashboard in external ways.

The Subscribe button allows users to subscribe to a daily or weekly email that will show a static image of the dashboard as well as a link to the view.

You can select either a particular view (tab) or all the views (tabs) available in the dashboard. Under “Email Subscriptions,” you can choose the frequency of emails. In “Subject Line,” you can assign the subject for the emails. As a default, the subscription will be assigned to the email address associated with your NEMSIS account.

Custom Views allows users to save any particular set of filters or selections for quick access later. A user can create their view and then name it and save it either for their own personal use or use by anyone with access to this dashboard. Previously saved views will appear in the custom views tab.

Edit will open the dashboard in the web editor for Tableau. Note that this option is not available on all dashboards and will require some knowledge of how to use Tableau to build and edit dashboards.

Share will provide a couple of options for sharing the dashboard with others, specifically an embed code and a regular HTML link. While you can use the link to share the dashboard with others, please keep in mind that many of the NEMSIS dashboards will require a username and password. Only those with credentials will be able to access them.

The last option is Download. Clicking on the download button opens up several options to download either the workbook, the data within it, or a static image of the view.

Selecting any one of these file types will produce a download of the requested file. Remember that not all options will be available for all dashboards and views.

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