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This is the Official EMS for Children Contact List Management System (CLMS) - User's Guide

The purpose of this website (WIKI) is to serve as a User's Guide to the EMS agency and hospital Contact List Management System (CLMS) for EMS for Children's State Partnership programs. Here you will find the information you need to get up and running with the CLMS.

NOTE: Simply use the navigation bar on the left hand side of this site or the links directly above in order to find the information you are looking for 

Watch this "explanimation" video to understand how the Contact List Management System (CLMS), EMS for Children survey websites, and the NEDARC Tableau system all work together and are intertwined. Updating your list in CLMS is vital for your data collection.

What is the Contact List Management System?

In preparation for the EMS for Children Survey and the National Pediatric Readiness Project (NPRP) Assessment, NEDARC created a secure online system to serve as a centralized national repository for EMS agency and hospital contact information. This repository was developed to reduce burden for Program Managers and more efficiently manage contact information for EMS agencies and hospitals needed for data collection.

We deployed this online repository during 2019, calling it the Contact List Management System (CLMS). This system was developed to power the websites used for data collection ( and and store respondent contact information. The great thing is CLMS is available to you 24/7 all year long so you can update contact information as it comes to you regarding new or closing EMS agencies and hospitals. Basic agency and hospital contact information is available at any time to Managers. A comprehensive list of EMS agencies and hospitals in the US is available to the EMSC Program.

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